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Navigating the 240 Tutoring Program

Navigating the 240 Tutoring Program:


1. There are two visible tabs at the top of the screen when you log in to your user account - Courses and Profile.


2. First, select the Courses tab. Once you do, you will see all of your program specific study guides offered by 240 Tutoring. Select the study guide you need for your exam.



3. To add a study guide to your user profile dashboard, click on the green Enroll button of the study guide you want.


4. Once you enroll in the study guide, it will be visible at the top of your user profile screen with an orange Resume button. 


For these examples, we are using the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (160) study guide. All of the study guides follow the same flow. 



5. Click the Resume button to open the study guide. The first section is at the top. All of the study guide sections are accessible by scrolling. The upper right corner shows the orange button for the Diagnostic Test. The magnifying glass next to the Diagnostic Test button opens up a window allowing you to search by competency/exam standard.




6. The grey circles at the top of the study guide reflect your progress and what section you are working on, and also show the sections you have completed and not started.


In this study guide, 4% of the section Promoting Student Learning has been completed. Some of the Development of Children concept has been started, noted by the blue portion of the circle. Teaching Skills to Students is the currently selected concept, noted by the blue inner circle and blue underline. 100% of the Instructional Content has been read but the flashcards and quizzes have not been started. This helps you keep track of your progress and where you are in the study guide. 


7. The Profile tab shows your account information.

8. Enrollments: This shows the study guides you are currently enrolled in. You can see your progress in each study guide underneath the study guide title.



9. Records: This is where you find your reports, including where to get another copy of your diagnostic report, your practice test report, or your transcript for that study guide.



10. Info: Your account information is here, including your first and last name as entered, the email address associated with your account, and the date you created your account. This is where you update your email address and name if needed. Click on the pencil on the right side to edit your email address and name. 

11. Billing: This lists your subscription, monthly billing dates, and your payment method. You can edit your payment method here. It shows you when you created your account and what your next billing date is. 


12. Status: This shows if your account is active or not. To cancel your account, click the cancel button. When canceled, your study guide access continues until the date your account would otherwise renew. In this example, the account renews on the 8th of the month. Canceling BEFORE the 8th gives you access until the 8th and then the account will close. Restarting your subscription (even if it was canceled) BEFORE the 8th will restart the billing process on the 8th with no lapse in study guide access. If you do nothing and leave your account active, you will continue to be billed on the 8th of the month until you choose to cancel.