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What is the Plan to Pass?

Our “Plan to Pass” feature is designed to create a personalized study plan so you know exactly what to study to pass your exam. This plan will help structure your studies and focus your preparation.

1. To get your personalized study plan, simply select the orange “Plan to Pass” button in the top right-hand corner of your study guide. 

2. Begin answering the questions to make progress toward unlocking your study plan. The test contains questions from each concept within the guide. Above each question, you will see the corresponding concept that the question is tied to. In the screenshot below, you can see this question is a part of the “Place Value” concept. 

3. Your performance in each concept will be compared to the weight of that concept on the real exam. You will notice that as you answer questions the study priority of the concepts will be re-ordered to reflect which concepts you should focus on the most and in what order. Once you have answered at least one question from each concept, you are able to unlock your study plan.

4. To create an even more personalized plan, continue answering questions until you finish. Once finished, you can click on the concepts to the left to begin studying. We recommend that you start with your highest priority concept at the top and work your way down. You can revisit your study plan as needed throughout your preparation.