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Why can't I access the Practice Test?

Before you can take the Practice Test, you must complete approximately 95% of the study guide.


Each study guide contains 3 full-length, timed practice tests. These tests remain locked until approximately 95% of the study guide has been completed. The practice test contains questions not presented in other parts of the study guide. The practice test also functions as the requirement to qualify a user for the 240 Tutoring Guarantee and is the last step of studying prior to taking the certification exam.

Once a user completes the required percentage of the study guide content, the practice test will unlock and be available to take. Only after the third practice test attempt has been completed will the answers and explanations be accessible for review. You can see the answers by selecting Review at the end of your third test attempt.

A few notes:

  • The Customer Care team cannot provide practice test answers. 
  • The Customer Care team cannot manually unlock the practice test. It can only be unlocked by completing the necessary study guide percentage.
  • All three practice tests contain the same content. The question order does change, but the overall content does not vary from test to test. 
  • Once you begin a practice test attempt, the timer cannot be stopped or paused
  • You cannot retake a practice test attempt nor can a practice test attempt be reset. 

Since the practice test is formatted to match your actual exam, once you select Start Test you will not be able to stop the test timer. You must complete the Practice Test in a single sitting. If, for any reason, you leave the Practice Test without completing it and return to it later, you will have to submit your incomplete Practice Test for scoring before you can begin a new Practice Test. 


The diagnostic test is a great tool to use to gauge your test readiness or help improve your score in between practice test attempts!

There is no limit to how often or how many times you can take the diagnostic test. For the full-length Practice Test, the study guide ONLY provides 3 test attempts.