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Why can't I access the Practice Test?

Quizzes are the key to unlocking your full-length practice tests. Once you’ve reviewed all the content and flashcards and passed one quiz in each concept, your first practice test will unlock. The practice test is the best indicator of how prepared you are to pass since it’s designed to replicate the real exam!

Each study guide contains 3 full-length, timed practice tests. The practice test contains questions not presented in other parts of the study guide. The practice test also functions as the requirement to qualify a user for the 240 Tutoring Guarantee. 

You must complete the Practice Test in one sitting.

The test is timed to mimic the real testing environment, and once you start the exam, it cannot be paused. There is a timer in the upper corner that will show how much time is remaining. Make sure you have the time to dedicate to it and that you are on a strong Internet connection. If you begin your Practice Test and stop mid-way, your test cannot be cleared or reset. 

Only after the third practice test attempt has been completed will the answers and explanations be accessible for review. You can see the answers by selecting Review at the end of your third test attempt.

A few notes:

  • The Customer Care team cannot provide practice test answers. 
  • The Customer Care team cannot manually unlock the practice test. It can only be unlocked by completing the necessary study guide percentage. 
  • Once you begin a practice test attempt, the timer cannot be stopped or paused
  • You cannot retake a practice test attempt nor can a practice test attempt be reset.