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What is the 240 Tutoring Guarantee?

The 240 Tutoring Guarantee is if a user scores 90% on our Practice Test (at the end of the study guide), but fails the exam then they are eligible for a money-back refund of up to 2 months of their subscription (see our Terms of Use for full details).

The idea is if a student demonstrates mastery of our study guide, but fails the exam, then 240 Tutoring did not uphold its responsibility and the user deserves a refund.

You can read more about the 240 Tutoring Guarantee here: https://www.240tutoring.com/terms-of-use-agreement/

Once the guarantee refund is given, 240 Tutoring will remove the study guide along with all user progress and reports for that study guide from the user’s account. All progress is lost and cannot be recovered.