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Is the study guide available as a book?

No, our study guides are not available in printed form. Each 240 Tutoring study guide is only available online through our website. The paid material we offer is our copy-written intellectual property, thus our online instructional content is not designed to be printed. We update our material on a regular basis so for you to get the most up-to-date instructional material, printing is not available. The questions, because they are interactive and automated, must be answered through the online study guide in order for them to be scored and counted. 

We have recently updated our study guides to include pagination allowing for the material to be viewed more easily. This also makes room for the videos we are now adding to many of our study guides. 

We will be offering our Ultimate Guides in printable form soon on Amazon. When they are available, we will update this article to include a link to the printed materials which you can purchase from Amazon.

Or if you would like to download a copy of our Ultimate Guides for free, here is a list of the ones we have available for download. Simply complete the green form on the page and you will be emailed a link to download the eBook: