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I need a study guide reset.

If you have completed a study guide and want to start over, you can send us an email to helpdesk@240tutoring.com and we will remove the study guide from your account for you. We do not have the ability to reset a study guide. We can only delete it entirely.

You do not have the ability to remove a study guide from your account. This is to help prevent a study guide from being accidentally deleted. Once a study guide is removed from your account, it cannot be recovered and all progress, as well as reports attached to that study guide, are permanently deleted. Please make sure you have downloaded all of the reports you need BEFORE requesting to have the study guide removed. 

To request to have a study guide removed from your account so you can start over, please send us an email at helpdesk@240tutoring.com.

Please include the title of the study guide you wish to have removed in your email.