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I failed my test and I qualify for the 240 Tutoring Guarantee.

We are sorry to hear about your recent testing attempt. We understand how frustrating it is to not pass. 

Please email a copy of your official score report to us at helpdesk@240tutoring.com. Once we receive your official score report, we will review your account and issue your refund if you qualify.

The 240 Tutoring Guarantee

Any 240 Tutoring customer who scores a 90% or higher on the “Practice Test” available at the completion of the study guide and fails their exam is eligible for a refund of up to two monthly subscription payments. This applies only to teacher certification exams taken through the official state testing provider (i.e. Pearson or ETS) and not to exams administered by Educational Preparation Programs (EPPs), Universities, or other entities.

The 240 Tutoring Guarantee refund amount is proportional to the number of study guides a customer completes with a score of 90% or higher on the practice test. For example, if a customer enrolls in three study guides and qualifies for the 240 Tutoring Guarantee in two of the study guides, but fails one exam for which they received the guarantee, they will be eligible for 1/2 their payment amount up to a maximum refund benefit of two full subscription months. The 240 Tutoring Guarantee will be calculated based only on subscription payments made prior to the customer’s failed exam attempt.

To be eligible for the refund a person must:

  1. Earn 90% on the “Practice Test” in the study guide. This must be achieved prior to taking the exam.
  2. Take the exam within 30 days of the end of the 240 Tutoring study guide subscription. If an individual’s subscription ends on January 1, then the test must be taken within 30 days of January 1 to be eligible for a refund.
  3. The person must provide a copy of the official score report to 240 Tutoring. This score report must be free of tampering and both first and last names must match the name on the 240 Tutoring account. Score reports can be emailed to helpdesk@240tutoring.com. 240 Tutoring reserves the right to request a paper copy of the score report for verification.
  4. Request a refund within three months of the failed exam attempt.

Once the guarantee refund is given, 240 Tutoring will remove the study guide along with all user progress and reports for that study guide from the user’s account. All progress is lost and cannot be recovered.

240 Tutoring will also close the user’s account if the user has already canceled their subscription.

If you have more questions about our 240Tutoring Guarantee, you can find the information here: https://www.240tutoring.com/terms-of-use-agreement/